Surface testing according to LST EN1177:2018

JSC Sertifikacija has started to evaluate not only the safety of children's playgrounds according to the series of standards LST EN1176, but also impact-absorbing surfaces according to the latest standard LST EN1177: 2018, which came into force in Lithuania on 01.03.2018.

The reference standard is the EN 1177, in the latest version dated 2018. It is a quite complex standard that in the current revision provides two different test methods:
Method 1 - it determines the critical height of fall.
Method 2 - test verifies if, in that specific place and moment, the features of the tested surface is adequate to the play equipment upon it.

A simple explanation of the two test methods is presented in the following paragraphs below:

Method 1 It has been applied in the majority of cases in laboratory, though there are some cases that it could be applied on site, for example when the surfaces are composed of synthetic material and natural material (sand, land with grass). This test determines the maximum height in which it is possible to fall from.

Method 2 This test is carried out only on site. It determines if the playground surface is suitable for the equipment from which you may fall. It is a verification that refers only to that playground in that specific moment. In fact, the recorded atmosphere conditions could modify the results. One or more drops (it depends on the dimension of the area and of the type of play equipment upon it) are needed, from the actual height of the play equipment.

The values ​​obtained during the tests shall be recorded: HIC value and maximum acceleration gmax.  Value HIC must be less than 1000, and  gmax   value must be less than 200.

These values are the limit to avoid serius injuries during the fall. The standard defines the HIC value as the measure of the severity of a head injury likely to arise from an impact.

JSC Sertifikacija has decided to direct investments and purchase equipment that allows to carry out these tests to assure children safety, because 80 percent of them all serious injuries occur due to falls. We have already done tests on different surfaces of children's playgrounds: rubber tiles, rubber coatings, etc.


Time, use and weathering modify the surfaces features, installation failures makes them no longer suitable to attenuate the impact.

Inspection body JSC Sertifikacija can offer the following services:    
  • New playground surfaces after installation testing using Method 2 
  • Testing of existing surfaces to determine if your surfaces still meets the mandatory requirements of the standard
  • Testing of surfaces for sports
  • Surfaces certification

For testing/certification services please contact: 

+370 61700090 or by email:
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